Deluxe All-in-One Oktoberfest Party Pack Bundle with Bavarian Themed Plastic Deli Tableclothe, Paper Plates, Cups, Napkins, Toothpicks & Banners


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  • HASSLE FREE PARTY PLANNING: Get your Oktoberfest party off the ground quick! Use this DELUXE bundle to cover your table, provide table settings & decorations with the click of a mouse.
  • OKTOBERFEST BROUGHT TO YOUR TABLE: This Oktoberfest party bundle accented with the iconic Bavarian blue and white checkered pattern will instantly give an authentic feel to your German, Bavarian or Oktoberfest party. Just add beer, food and music!
  • CONVENIENT & DISPOSABLE: Skip the drama of doing the dishes after your Oktoberfest party. Tablecloth is made of deli-grade plastic and remaining items are made of party-grade paper.
  • MORE OPTIONS AVAILABLE: If you need to add specific items to the existing bundle, shop our Amazon store for many more Oktoberfest party ideas such as beer steins, party favors, costumes, hats & much more!
    • Serves 8: One Plastic Tablecloth: 54x108" (8-10 people) | Plates: 8 Pack/9" | Napkins: 8 Pack/5" | Cups: 8 Pack/ 9 ounces |
    • Serves 16: Two Plastic Tablecloths: 54x108" (8-10 people each) | Plates: Two 8 Pack/9"(16 Total) | Napkins: Two 8 Pack/5" (16 Total)| Cups: Two 8 Pack/ 9 ounces(16 Total) | Appetizer Toothpicks: One 50 pack |One Cake Topper: Variety 8 Pack | One Beer/Pretzel  Banner: 8' Length| One Bavarian Checkered Banner: 8' Length
    • Serves 24: Three Plastic Tablecloths: 54x108" (8-10 people Each) | Plates: Three 8 Pack/9"(24 Total) | Napkins: Three 8 Pack/5" (24 Total)| Cups: Three 8 Pack/ 9 ounces(24 Total) | Appetizer Toothpicks: One 50 pack |Two Cake Topper: Variety 8 Pack | Two Beer/Pretzel  Banner: 8' Length| Two Bavarian Checkered Banner: 8' Length

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