Swedish Gift Idea Magnet Tile (House Rules)

SKU: MT250

$ 3.99 $ 4.99


A unique gift or souvenir can be so difficult to find for someone with Scandinavian roots. However our wide selection of Scandinavian themed gifts in our web store is sure to make things easier. This charming high quality tile magnetic decorative tile captures the essence of Danish culture. It features the Scandinavian House Rules saying: "If you sleep on it, make it up.If you wear it, hang it up.If you eat off it, clean it up.If you turn it on, turn it off.If it is none of your concern, Keep it that way.If it rings, answers it.If it cries, love it."
  • Approximate Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 3x3x0.25"
  • Material Type: Ceramic

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