Novelty Clog Fluffy Dutch Coat of Arms Slippers


Size: Size: 12-13cm / (Toddler Size: 5-6)
$ 10.99


What more unique night shoe than a clog slipper? Keep your feet cozy at night without "klomping" around the house. These clog slippers featuring the Dutch Coat of Arms are sure to keep your feet happy and warm as well as be the talk of your house and those visiting. Comes in gift poly bag. Sizing Tips: 1. Trace both feet on a piece(s) of paper. 2. Measure the outline of the largest foot (if this applies) from heel to toe. 3. Use resulting centimeter measurement to select clog slipper size (shoe size which is shown in centimeters).
  • Comes in gift poly bag
  • Approximate Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): Refer to Chart for Sizing
  • Material Type: Polyester

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